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The five Yucatecan tacos that you cannot miss

by Yucatan Times
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The culinary art of the Peninsula offers options that will delight your palate.

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (May 25, 2021).- In Yucatan, there are more than beautiful streets in the center of Merida, its silvery-white sand beaches, the extraordinary archaeological sites, its palm trees, and its colonial history. 

In Yucatan, there is one of the best cuisines in the country that is culturally quite different but with a sense of identity that is still preserved through its dishes, many of them turned into tacos.

Like any good taco, you need a good tortilla and in Yucatan, there are some of the best corn tortillas that you can find. Many are handmade and lightly garnished with melted lard.

Whether it happens during the morning, afternoon or night, in the Yucatan Peninsula the star dish is the cochinita pibil.

Cochinita taco

Photo: (El Heraldo)

The history of this delicious Mexican dish dates back to pre-Hispanic times when spices such as chili were used to season different types of dishes. Later, with the arrival of the Spanish to America, who brought pork to this continent, some of the recipes and preparation techniques of the ancient inhabitants of Mexico were adapted to use pork as a base, since it was previously used venison, wild boar, pheasant or turkey.

The name of this dish derives from the Mayan language. For the ancient settlers of the Mexican southeast, who were mostly Mayas, “Pib” or “Pibil” was a method of cooking meat that means “buried” or “cooked under the ground”.

The Cochinita tacos are a dish that nobody can miss when visiting Yucatan. Accompanied with habanero chili sauce or tanned onions, we are sure that its flavor will not disappoint you. 

El Origen de los Tacos de Cochinita Pibil • TacoGuru
Photo: (Taco Guru)

Castacán taco

Photo: (El Heraldo)

Another of the jewels of Yucatecan cuisine is the famous Castacán

This delicacy is prepared in small pieces covered with a thin sheet of skin that is fried over low heat to achieve a crunchy texture on the outside, but soft on the inside. The most conventional is to eat it accompanied by red onion and habanero pepper.

Qué es la carne castacán? | Peninsula Tres
Photo: (Penìnsula Tres)

Tikin xic taco

Photo: (El Heraldo)

Its name is derived from the Maya language, where Tikin means dry thing and Xic refers to a wing or fin that refers to the cut that the fish carries.

 This dish has a very distinctive red-orange color, the result of the tasty marinade of achiote and sour orange. Often you will also find that it is cooked or presented on a banana leaf.

Tikin xic, el platillo yucateco que te encantará • TacoGuru
Tikin Xic. Photo: (Taco Guru)

Poc chuc taco

Poc chuc, comida yucateca, es cerdo asado | Comida yucateca, Comida  mexicana, Comida
Photo: (Pinterest)

Poc chuc is a Mexican meat dish, commonly pork, which is prepared in citrus marinade and cooked on the grill. Poc chuc is often served with a side of rice, pickled onion, refried beans, and avocado.

Poc - Chuc Taquerias, Quintana Roo (+52 983 285 5957)
Photo: (VYMas)

Venison tzic taco

Tenemos tacos y tortas de Dzic de Venado cola larga (RES)! - Bilde av  Puruxon Cauich (Fco. de Montejo) i Merida - Tripadvisor
Photo: (Tripadvisor)

The Tzic de Venado is an iconic dish of the gastronomy of the State of Yucatan for honoring the traditions of the ancient Maya, who incorporated wild animal meat (in this case deer) into their diet.

El De Efe on Twitter: "Después, tzic de venado y papadzules de plátano  macho. https://t.co/SEvNZIMM5i"
Photo: (Twitter)

The Yucatan Times hopes you have enjoyed this Top-Five list and we invite you to try all of these delicious tacos of the fantastic traditional Yucatecan cuisine.

With information from: El Heraldo

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