Supplies warehouse looted in Kaua, Yucatán

Residents suspect that the packages were sent by the state government to the municipality of Chankom, Yucatàn. Photo: (Yucatàn a la mano)

Chankom, Yucatàn, (May 31, 2021).- About one thousand people entered a warehouse, owned by Benjamín Cimé Ek, from where they took out supplies packages, allegedly sent by the State Government for delivery to the people of the Chankom municipality.

According to the information collected, inhabitants assume that the food stores would be used to coerce votes in favor of the National Action Party in that municipality, whose standard-bearer is former mayor Benjamin Cimé Ek.

Juventino Caamal Noh said that when the people saw that supplies packages were being unloaded at the warehouse property of the PAN candidate, located in the municipality of Kaua, they decided that it was the right of the people to have access to those supplies.

For this reason, immediately, the people of all the PAN, PRI, PRD, and Morena parties organized to enter to look for the pantries that, according to the residents, should have been distributed to the people equally, as they were allegedly government support, but that they suspect is intended to be proselytizing.

Marcos Kantún Perera said: “During these days, the Government of Yucatán has been very active sending all kinds of support to ‘convince’ that the PAN works for the neediest, it has even distributed corn throughout the State,” he said.

“Unfortunately, some candidates of the National Action Party have tried to handle this support in a partisan way, to the extent of trying to use it to coerce the vote in their desperation to win the post, such as the case of Benjamín Cimé Ek.” added.

Elmer Poot Pech, a resident of Kaua, commented that the action carried out by the people is fair “since they only took what belongs to the people, although in truth the aforementioned pantries were destined for the municipality and the Chankom communities.” People entered the building around one in the morning, when everything was apparently quiet, which caused the urgent arrival of elements from the Ministry of Public Security to try to prevent the action.



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