SSP investigates abandoned truck in Yucalpeten neighborhood of Merida

It was reported that the Hummer remains in SSP custody for authentication tests. Phioto: (Sipse)

Mèrida, Yucatan, May 12, 2021 (SIPSE).- State authorities are investigating the origin of a suspicious truck that was abandoned in the Yucalpetén neighborhood of Mérida .

It is a Hummer H3 vehicle that was detained by municipal police since last May 6, which presents irregularities in the import documentation and in the serial number, according to the Secretary of Public Security (SSP).

The alleged owner of the unit and two individuals who accompanied him at the time of the police review, were transferred to the corporation building for an interview report, after which they were allowed to leave, while the investigation is still in process.

Car in custody of the SSP

It was reported that the Hummer remains in the custody of the SSP so that security code authentication tests are carried out by specialized personnel from the Stolen Vehicle Recovery Command of the State Investigation Police (PEI).

Vehicles like the aforementioned Hummer are usually acquired in other Mexican states, probably sold with altered documents, that do not match the car’s serial number or other irregularities.

Source: Sipse