Sister Universities of Yucatán join forces in the “Virtual Games”: 500 athletes are expected to participate

Mérida, Yucatán (May 06, 2021).- The State universities come together for the first time in the online sporting event called “Virtual Games”, which will include 16 joint and individual sports disciplines.

In this sporting event, students will be able to participate with elements that are in their homes, explained the State delegate of the CONDDE in the state of Yucatán and the Sports coordinator of the Anahuac Mayab, Alfredo Solís.

In this first edition, the participation of more than 500 athletes from the participating universities and any university who wishes to participate is expected, even if their study center is not affiliated with the National Council of Sports of Education AC (CONDDE), in order to promote sport for all upper-level students.

This virtual event is the sum of efforts of sister universities that come together to promote physical activation safely during this health contingency, so the state of Yucatan always sets a standard in coordinated work that institutions can carry out at the top level.

The 16 disciplines are Table Tennis, E-Game, Volleyball, Taekwondo, Baseball and Softball, Fencing, Chess, Handball, Weights, Karate, Soccer, Basketball, and Athletics, among others.

The calls and registration processes for the competitions will be published on the social networks of the universities.

The universities that lead this sum of efforts are the Universidad Modelo, Marista, Anáhuac Mayab, the Private University of the Peninsula, the Technological Institute of Mérida, and the Autonomous University of Yucatán: UADY.