Seven arrested for fishing banned species in Río Lagartos

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

Río Lagartos, (May 13, 2021).- Seven people were detained by maritime authorities after being caught capturing banned species in the Río Lagartos municipality of Yucatán.

The arrest was generated during a routine surveillance of Conapesca (National Commission of Aquaculture and Fisheries) personnel, who this Thursday, May 13, noticed a boat offshore, whose fishermen were diving to capture various marine species.

When inspecting the boat, named “Brite”, they found around 40 kilos of octopus and seven kilos of white snail.

Due to the fact that these species cannot be caught due to being closed, the authorities detained all the crew members to transfer them to the FGR of Valladolid.

They were six men and one woman, originally from Dzilam González, Buctzotz, Dzidzantún, and Temax municipalities of Yucatán.

In that sense, the boat was secured to be at the disposal of the authorities, as well as the detainees.