School had to be closed in Campeche as a teacher tests positive for COVID-19

The positive teacher for the virus is in good general condition. Photo: (El Financiero)

This school is part of the first stage of the Pilot Plan for the Reactivation of Educational Services

Campeche, Camp., May 05, 2021, (EL FINANCIERO).- Fifteen days after the return to face-to-face classes in rural communities of Campeche, where there is no internet access, one of the 137 open schools had to be closed down due to the confirmation of a positive case for COVID-19 in a teacher.

The State Secretary of Health announced that, following the school safety protocol for COVID-19, the Ministry of Education sent 54 students and two teachers to their homes for 14 days, who will be under the surveillance and medical supervision of state health services.

The teacher is in good general condition, with outpatient care and undergoing treatment that will continue under very close medical attention to assist in her safe return to class.

Personnel from the Ministry of Health visited the town and interviewed school personnel, including the director of the school and the school supervisor, with whom they agreed on the necessary health promotion, sanitary, epidemiological and medical care measures around the school population and their community environment.

These measurements are:

  • * Disinfection of school spaces.
  • * Detection of COVID-19 suspects.
  • * Supervision of security protocols and school filters.

No other person related to this case is under study so far and the contacts are being kept under surveillance.

The Pilot Plan for the Reactivation of Educational Services thus fulfills one of its established priorities, which is to prioritize the health and socio-emotional state of students and teachers.

Source: El Financiero