Peasants take the toll booth on the Mérida – Playa del Carmen highway

The inhabitants consider that the charge is excessive and request a 'fairer' one. Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

Playa del Carmen, QRoo, (May 25, 2021).- Inhabitants of the La Unión community, located on the border between Solidaridad and Lázaro Cárdenas, Quintana Roo municipalities, took the toll booth on the highway to Mérida this Sunday morning, May 24, because they considered exaggerated the charge made to enter Playa del Carmen. The Autovías del Mayab company urged them to submit a request for a rate discount. 

Interviewed at the toll booth, the protesters explained that they live approximately ten kilometers from the booth, which is the only access route they have to enter Playa del Carmen, where they mainly come to market their products.

“They make us an excessive charge of 282 pesos for traveling only ten kilometers, we are not opposed to paying, but we want it to be fair because it is very expensive. An agreement was made years ago when the road was built so that those of the community would have an access road, but nothing was ever done ”, explained one of the protesters.

The Mayab highway, starting in Playa del Carmen, gives drivers the chance to go to Mérida (via Valladolid) or Holbox (via El Tintal). The protesters assured that they are charged the most expensive rate, which is the one that goes to Valladolid, ” when from here to Tintal it is 119 pesos, why do they charge us if they check our ticket, they know where we are going and that we are neighbors of this zone?”.

That is why they decided to take the toll booth until a representative of the Autovías del Mayab company, which manages the highway, came to speak with them. In order not to affect the drivers, they diverted the traffic. The protest was joined by the candidate of the Citizen Movement for the municipal presidency of Solidaridad, Marciano Toledo.

A representative of Autovías del Mayab arrived at the site, who invited those who disagreed to submit a request to the company so that the charge lower: “the short section can be authorized, but they must submit a request.” Finally, around 12:00 hours, they reached an agreement and the road was reopened in its entirety.

Source: La Jornada Maya