Municipal police found a 31 year-old-man dead inside his home in Maxcanú, Yucatán

Photo: YA

Maxcanú, Yucatán, (May 22, 2021).- A man was found lifeless and in a relatively advanced state of decomposition this Friday, May 21, in Maxcanú, Yucatán.

The finding was made after the report of a next-door neighbor who also lives on Calle 15 (between 16 and 17), who perceived the foul smell coming from the nearby home, where a well-known customary drinker lived.

Municipal Police arrived at the scene who verified the report, so they entered the premises and found the man’s body in a state of decomposition.

Maxcanu is located 66 kilometers (41 miles) south of Mérida (INEGI)

Later on, the mother appeared, who identified the body of her son as J.C.C., 31 years old. She reported that he was an alcoholic, who had a big problem with his way of drinking, and the last time she saw him alive was on the morning of Sunday, May 16.

The house was cordoned off for the corresponding tasks and proceedings by the forensics personnel.