Motuleños eggs, their origin, and where to find the best

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Motuleños eggs, a trademark of the Yucatan

Motuleños eggs are a typical Yucatan breakfast, that is why today here at The Yucatan Times we tell you their story and tell you where you can try the best.

Mérida, Yucatán, May 01, 2021, (MEXICO DESCONOCIDO).- In Motul municipality of Yucatán, they prepare the famous Motuleños eggs that are part of the history of Mexico and the best breakfast you can try in the entire state.

About the history of this dish, it is said that Governor Felipe Carrillo Puerto visited the town of Motul, where he was from, to take a delegation to see a cenote near the place.

Photo: Mexico Desconocido

In an improvised way, the governor and revolutionary leader decided to eat there together with his guests.

Chef Jorge Siqueff, who was traveling with the governor, not having complete dishes, decided to put fried eggs, beans, peas and tomato sauce on a single plate .

Carrillo Puerto was accompanied by José Vasconcelos, Diego Rivera and other personalities who were delighted with the dish. History says that when Vasconcelos asked what dish it was, Puerto pointed out: “they are authentic Motuleños eggs”.

Currently the dish is based on a fried Yucatecan tortilla, refried beans, a starry egg, tomato sauce, diced ham and peas. Accompanied by fried plantains, cheese and a spicy habanero-based sauce.

Photo: Mexico Desconocido

Where to eat Motuleños eggs

Currently one of the most typical places to try this dish is in the Motul 20 de Noviembre market at the stall of Doña Evelia Arce.

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In this place you can order an order your motuleños with three or four eggs depending on your hunger and accompany your plate with a delicious horchata water.

Another option when serving them is that  the yolk of the eggs is cooked , leaving them to the point is an art. You can order them medium, uncooked or well cooked.

Photo: Mexico Desconocido

Whatever the reason for your trip to Motul, don’t forget to try “Huevos Motuleños”, a breakfast served not only in Yucatán but also in Oaxaca , Quintana Roo or places as far away as Costa Rica.

Source: Mexico Desconocido

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