Mexico City tourist almost drowned in Motul cenote

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Motul, Yucatan, (May 10, 2021).- A tourist from Mexico City was about to drown in the Sambulá cenote located in the Motul municipality of Yucatan, after disobeying the regulations of the tourist center and entering without a life jacket.

Antonio T., who after a few minutes could not get out of the body of water, had no choice but to ask for help from the other visitors, who immediately called Civil Protection personnel to quickly attend to the report and save his life with the help of a ladder.

The person in charge of the tourist site said that before people enter the cenote they are informed of the current conditions, they are given their vest and they indicated exactly where they are allowed to bathe.

However, a man from Mexico City who came to the Yucatan on vacation with his family disobeyed the instructions, went into the water without a life jacket, and put his life at risk. Fortunately, the subject was able to be rescued on time, and everything was just a big scare.