Mexican Navy rescues an overturned boat in Progreso

Elements of the Secretariat of the Navy rescued four people 41 kilometers northwest of Progreso. Photo: (Yucatàn ahora)

Progreso, Yuc., (May 10, 2021).- This action was carried out when a person appeared at the facilities of the Ninth Naval Zone, requesting support to rescue four men who were aboard the fishing vessel named ” Grouper Coronado Jr ”, who had set sail from the Puerto de Abrigo de Yucalpetén and was completely overturned due to the adverse weather conditions that prevailed in the area. The boat was in danger of sinking completely.

In order to safeguard human life at sea, the immediate departure of an Interceptor patrol of the Ninth Naval Zone was ordered, as well as two Defender-type vessels of the Naval Search, Rescue, and Maritime Surveillance Station. Both boats arrived in the area, finding the four people on board two small fishing boats, gave them assistance to be embarked and transferred by the rescue units to the facilities of that naval command.

Once they reached a safe port, Naval Health personnel carried out the corresponding medical assessment, finding two of the crew members in good health.

The other two were taken aboard an ambulance from the Yucalpetén Naval Hospital to a local hospital for their specialized medical care, they are reported stable.



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