Mérida residents protest against the use of face masks; “COVID-19 is planned”, they say

A relatively small contingency of Mérida residents demanded their freedom to be respected so as not to wear face masks, the protest took place at the Monument to the Homeland.

A group of people, including members of the Church of God (Iglesia de Dios), as well as some others from civil society, peacefully demonstrated at the Monument where they demanded freedom to work and move freely, and also respect for their person for not wearing face masks and crossed out the COVID-19 pandemic as “planned.”

Wilberth Andrade, the spokesman for the protest, reported that this demonstration was held simultaneously in 60 countries around the world, while in Mexico it was also held in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Oaxaca and indicated that they hope other cities will join, such as Cancun, and others in the north of the country.

He said that the people present, who did not have masks, demanded freedom and respect for their human rights, which are protected by the Mexican Constitution but are currently being violated with “unnecessary and unfair” measures, implemented by people who seek to manipulate society.

On the manipulation of people, he said that it is done through tests to detect COVID-19 since they (the authorities) already know if they are going to test positive or negative, which is why he asked to stop believing in the media, especially television because their reports on the coronavirus pandemic are part of a scam.

The protester mentioned that the freedom they ask for is one of mobility, work, religion. He also asked for respect for those who do not want to wear a face mask.

“We are in a situation called a pandemic. Those who are informed know that it is a ‘plandemic’ that was organized decades ago; it was not sudden. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been an instrument of the elites to carry out their plan to control the world, instilling fear and terror in the people, ”said the spokesperson.