Man who kidnapped his ex-girlfriend in Yucatan will be processed behind bars

The young woman was rescued by the authorities. Photo: (Sipse)

Mèrida, Yucatán, May 20, 2021, (SIPSE).- Julio Alejandro “N”, who on May 10th, kidnapped his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend in the municipality of Tetiz, was linked to the crime of family violence.

In addition, he will remain imprisoned in the State Social Reintegration Center for the entire duration of the process.

In the criminal case, it is indicated that the accused and the aggrieved minor, whose identity is being reserved, lived in a free union from January to the beginning of May of this year. The accused used violence against the young woman insulted and abused her. For this reason, at the beginning of May, the 17-year-old girl decided to end the relationship.

How the events occurred

On May 10, around 9:20 p.m., the detainee went to the minor’s home, located in the Nohuayún community, Tetiz municipality, to convince her to resume the sentimental relationship, but before the victim’s refusal, the accused, using excessive use of force and not caring about the girl’s family reaction, took her to a vacant lot that borders the mountain.

For hours he kept her inside the low-forest of the Yucatan, against her will, until they were located by agents of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP), through a search and location operation, in which the corporation’s helicopter, drones, and K-9s were used.

Source: Sipse



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