Man from Guanajuato found dead inside his Mérida apartment

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

A 46-year-old man from Guanajuato was found dead on Saturday, May 15th, in an advanced state of decomposition, inside an apartment in Mérida’s Manuel Ávila Camacho neighborhood.

The owner of the apartment building found the body lying on a bed, after receiving the report from other tenants of a foul smell that came from the room that the Guanajuato native occupied.

According to what was reported, the man, identified as S.A.N.H, was a tenant in one of the apartments located on Calle 14 between 51 and 53 of the Ávila Camacho neighborhood in the east side of Mérida.

Other occupants of the apartments reported to the owner that an unpleasant odor was coming from apartment number 10.

The owner went to verify and upon entering the place, he found the man, who lived alone, dead.

The tenant paid six months’ rent in advance and, according to what he told the owner, he had problems with his relatives back in Guanajuato, and did not want to know anything about them.

The body was removed from the scene by personnel from the SEMEFO.