Man beats up his wife, mother, and daughter-in-law in Caucel

Photo: SIPSE

Out of his mind, a man beats up his wife, mother and daughter-in-law in the Sol Caucel neighborhood, east of Merida.

The subject did not care that one of the victims was holding a baby in her arms.

Carlos Gabriel P.P., not only beat his partner, but also his mother and daughter-in-law who was holding his own grandson in her arms. 

Mérida, Yucatan., May 01, 2021, (SIPSE).- The criminal Carlos Gabriel P.P. became so mad and violent that he not only hit his wife, but also his mother and daughter-in-law with his own grandson in her arms, full of fury, he attacked those affected with punches, kicks, and insults in the Sol Caucel neighborhood, in the east side of Mérida.

The Control Judge, Ileana Georgina Domínguez Zapata immediately decreed as legal the arrest of the violent subject and charged him with the crimes of family violence, injuries that take more than 15 days to heal, and injuries that take less than 15 days to heal, against his sentimental partner A.A.Ch., L.A.Ch.E. (her mother) and his daughter-in-law C.A.P. 

Domínguez Zapata imposed the precautionary measure of justified preventive detention for the entire time that the process lasts and established that the bonding hearing will be held on Monday, May 3. 

The events took place in Ciudad Caucel

On April 26, at approximately 3:30 p.m., the accused, who was inside a property located on Calle 37-C of the Sol Caucel subdivision, after consuming drugs and alcohol, carried out abusive acts of power aimed at damaging her sentimental partner (A.A.Ch.) in a physical and psychological way, as he insulted her and hit her in the face and different parts of her body, causing injuries that will take more than fifteen days to heal. 

Later, her mother C.A.P.P. questioned him about the physical state of A.A.Ch. and the guy also verbally and physically assaulted the woman. 

The victims hid in a room together with L.A.Ch.E., who was holding her baby in her arms. 

Out of his mind, the guy entered the room and tried to physically attack L.A.Ch.E., and in the brawl, he also hit the baby. 

The daughter-in-las was able to escape the property and requested help from the Police, via telephone, the aggressor was detained by agents of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP).