Kanasín candidate denounces death threats against herself and her family

Photo: (Reporteros hoy)

Mérida, Yucatán, (May 11, 2021).- “I say it without hesitation, I am afraid, I am not interested in being a martyr or one more statistic in a country where women are murdered every day, but I am clear that fear never stops hope, ” said Xóchitl Delgado Caballero, candidate of the Movimiento Ciuadadano political party for the municipal presidency of Kanasín.

The orange flag bearer offered a press conference to publicly denounce the death threats she has received, threatening herself and her family, “I have threatened through a canvas placed in Quintana Roo and through an anonymous message that they sent me to my cell phone.”

Days before it was announced that on a canvas placed in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, death threats were issued against Delgado Caballero, her husband, and their children. By an anonymous message, the candidate received a photograph of the same canvas on her cell phone, with offensive messages and death threats.

Given this situation, the complaint was filed before the State Attorney General’s Office UNATD-G1 / 005133/2021, protection measures were requested for Xóchitl and her family, and the IEPAC was notified.

Kanasin is located 6.4 kilometers (3.1 miles) south of downtown Mérida

Accompanied by the state coordinator Vida Gómez Herrera, the candidate for local representative for district VI, Zacil Moguel Manzur; the candidate for federal representative for district 2, Javier Osante Solís and the representative before the electoral bodies Sergio Cuevas González; Xóchitl expressed her fear.

 “I am afraid for myself, for my young children, for my mother, for my husband, but the desire to build a better future for them is greater than my fears. I’m not going to bend. We have to set a precedent, “she said.

 “Just as we are not intimidated by violence from the Municipal Palace, we are not going to be intimidated by threats that they want to pass off as anonymous.” … 

“We are 70 thousand women in Kanasín and we are the mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, of the other half”.

“Let’s use all that strength, let’s keep moving. Let’s go with the confidence that a better future is about to arrive in Kanasín. The time has come to mark a before and after in our municipality. For me and for the girls and young people who we represent, ” Delgado Caballero concluded.

Source: Reporteros Hoy

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