Jealousy fight ends in tragedy in Prados de Chuburná subdivision

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- A jealous argument between a young couple ended in tragedy, as one of the two involved decided to commit suicide.

The events occurred on Tuesday, May 4th, around 5 in the afternoon inside a property located on Calle 9-B, on the corner with Calle 30 in Mérida’s Prados de Chuburná subdivision.

According to the information released, 22-year-old OSL and his wife AAHP, 20, began to argue and at one point the husband left the house, however, half an hour later the young woman called him and they continued with the Fight.

During the telephone discussion, the young woman threatened to take her own life, so OSL returned to the premises to try to fix things up.

Upon entering the property, he discovered that his wife had complied with the threat and hanged herself. 

He immediately took down the body and notified the emergency number 911.

Agents of the State Investigation Police arrived at the scene, who cordoned off the area while waiting for the State Attorney General’s Office, and forensics experts to arrive and remove the body.