In Yucatan, activists insist on putting an end to animal abuse

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Merida Yucatan, (May 07, 2021).- Animal rights defenders raised their voices against the mistreatment that is still present in Yucatán and all of Mexico.

Various civil associations joined the collective “Un million de Esperanzas” (One million hopes) which seeks to make the problem of aggressions against animals visible throughout the country, through the campaign “Sentient beings”, which includes a bill that was presented to the Congress of the Union, in 8 states across the country.

In the case of Yucatán, the activists accepted that mistreatment problems have been more notorious in the south of the state.

“We have the case of the Tekax municipality of Yucatàn where unfortunately so many violations against animals have occurred, although fortunately there was an important job of rescuers to make the problem visible,” said Ethel Herrejón Villa, spokeswoman for the group.

“What we are looking for, is a national call to stop considering animals as objects and to start treating like living beings, sentient beings because they are organisms,” she said.

According to information from animal rescuers, the state has an annual record of between 15 and 20 cases of abuse, a situation that maintains Yucatán as one of the first places in cases of this type in all of Mexico.

Given this, it was reported that several associations have taken on the task of rescuing the affected animals, as carried out by the 170 civil groups from 28 states of Mexico that make up this activist network

She also realized that one of the main problems are the pulled by horses carriages in Merida.

“The carriage drivers say they have veterinarians, they say they take care of their horses, but these poor animals are forced to work all day under the Yucatan sun, and is not right ” said Zita Vera, who is a rescuer and a member of the group.

“The carriages make the horses walk, then they leave them standing there for hours and they are used to make money for these people, which is not right ”, she pointed out.

To raise awareness of the voice against animal abuse, a national protest will be held on May 29, which will be held in parallel in the states of Yucatán, Chiapas, and Guanajuato, and the main request will be for the federal government to fulfill its promise, to solve this problem throughout Mexico.

Source: Reporteros Hoy