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Huauzontle, a pre-Hispanic delicacy that you must try

by Yucatan Times
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Learn about the properties of this edible plant. We tell you how to prepare capeadas pancakes, an exquisite dish inherited from this basic pre-Hispanic diet.  

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (May 27, 2021).- Eating huauzontles in any of their presentations is almost like participating in a ritual at the table. It is one of those dishes in which it is worth using your hands because the important thing about this nutritious plant is to remove the seeds from the bars that are not eaten with your teeth. Along with corn, the huauzontle is one of the most important foods that Mexico has contributed to the world. 

Huazontle: una planta ancestral que México le dio al mundo
Photo: (MX City)

Its name comes from the Nahuatl huautzontli , from the words huautli (bledo) and tzontli (hair). It is considered a pseudocereal and belongs to the amaranth and quinoa family, with the advantage over the latter that it is produced in Mexico by Mexican farmers and is cheaper and easier to obtain. The best time of the year to consume it is between July and October, as it blooms naturally in that season. And as if that were not enough, it contains many properties.

100% edible

Did you know that in the time of Emperor Moctezuma, huauzontle was, along with amaranth, the fourth most important crop, after corn, beans, and chia? Like cacao and tomato, huauzontle is an edible plant native to Mexico that is part of the pre-Hispanic staple diet. You can eat both its leaves and its flowers as well as its roots and seeds. As a dish, it is more common to find it in the states of Mexico, Tlaxcala, Guerrero, Morelos, and in Mexico City.

HUAUZONTLE, manjar mexicano poco valorado. – Cultura y Delicias  Prehispánicas
Photo: (Delicias Prehispànicas)

Healthy properties

  1. It has antioxidants that help fight free radicals.
  2. It helps to lower cholesterol levels in the blood.
  3. It has vitamins E, A and C, in addition to being high in complex B.
  4. It is rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus.
  5. It helps to reduce stress.
  6. It is beneficial for the brain and memory.
  7. Improves digestive functions.
  8. It is an excellent cereal option for coeliacs or people allergic to gluten.
  9. It contains saponins, a substance that stimulates the immune system and improves the body’s defense mechanisms.
huauzontle para que sirve | CocinaDelirante
Photo: (Cocina delirante)

Its preparation is versatile. It can be consumed in soups, salads, and stews, although the most common is to find it in weathered pancakes combined with legumes such as beans, lentils, or broad beans, together they form a quite nutritious protein. Therefore, we share this delicious recipe with you.

Cómo hacer tortitas de huazontles | Cocina Fácil
Photo: (Còcina Fàcil)

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 1 kilo of huauzontles
  • ½ kilo of string cheese
  • Wheat flour
  • 5 eggs (you will occupy the whites of all and two yolks)
  • Corn oil for frying
  • Salt to taste

For the sauce

  • ¼ onion
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 6 guajillo chiles
  • Salt to taste 


  • Wash the huauzontles very well, cut the thick stems and the rest, the small bars, cook them for 10 minutes with water and salt to taste, cover them until they are soft.
  • Take them out, rinse them with cold water and begin to defoliate so that only the small flowers remain, discard the large sticks as much as possible.
  • Make the pancakes, pressing them well with your hands so that they are compact, and in the center put the shredded cheese. Then cover the pancakes in flour, shake off the excess.
  • Prepare the beaten eggs to coat (first beat the whites until stiff, then the yolks with salt, and then mix the two).
  • Fry the pancakes in hot oil until golden brown. Drain on absorbent paper and add to the simmering sauce for five minutes. Serve them hot.


  • Remove the seeds from the guajillo peppers.
  • Roast the garlic, chilies and tomatoes.
  • Boil all the ingredients and then blend them, add the onion and salt to taste.
  • Before putting the sauce on the heat to season it, strain it to remove any lumps


Huauzontles capeados – El Buen Campo
Photo: (El buen campo)

Source: Clarìn

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