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How The Online Gambling Industry Is Evolving In 2021

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For as long as the online realms have existed, there have been casinos available for players to spend their time at. Gambling is one of the world’s most exciting pursuits, giving players the same endorphin rushes usually reserved for riding high speed roller coasters and allowing them to flex their passions and knowledge for the chance of lining their pockets with some extra cash.

Gambling online has become increasingly popular over the past decade or so, with the accessibility of taking the gaming experience with you 24/7 and added diversity that comes with a world’s worth of choice proving to be two of the biggest advantages it has against its traditional brick and mortar counterparts. Here are some of the biggest trends and evolutions we’ve spotted in the online gambling industry ahead of the remainder of the year and beyond.

The Rise Of Esports Betting
In many ways, the worlds of gambling and video gaming overlap nicely and have both been riding the wave of success over the past decade.

Combining gambling with video games is no new notion, casual moneymatches and wagers have been commonplace between players for cash and in-game rewards for as long as multiplayer features have been around; however, the growth of gaming professionally has brought with it a whole range of new and unique opportunities for gamblers to make some extra cash from their passions.

‘Esports’ is the industry-specific name for the professional gaming industry, a community where organisations invest millions in funding their teams of pro players at events and tournaments around the world. Betting on the outcomes of specific games and overall outcomes at these events, much like traditional real world sports betting, has proven to be increasingly popular with fans.

On top of that, the growth of video games has opened the door to online skill gaming platforms within certain titles, where players can make money playing video games at specialist sites such as Unikrn.com, and even gamble in special lotteries at certain sites for in-game rewards such as customisable skins or characters, rather than just for cash.

More Mobile Gaming

The days of heading down to a brick and mortar bookmaker, perching on a seat in the corner and following your wager on a small television in the building are fast coming to an end.

One of the biggest appeals of online gambling is its crossovers with the mobile markets, granting users with more flexibility with when and where they can play. For example: say there is a game set to take place at half seven in the evening, and you find an enticing offer at Unikrn’s sports betting markets; whereas back in the day you might not have the option of following your bet at a bookmaker, the rise of mobile gambling has meant you can now take your bet with you wherever you go, watch the match on a dedicated mobile app and take advantage of new in play odds that allow you to get ahead of the bookies.

The Rise Of Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency is a talking point that is impossible to ignore these days, having garnered an army of dedicated investors around the world.

Most casinos and bookmakers will offer a plethora of depositing and withdrawing, however the emergence of crypto has really brought with a new and exciting dimension to a user’s online gambling experience. And the rise of cryptocurrencies within the online gambling space offers some unique advantages over traditional means of depositing and withdrawing money; namely, it eliminates the third party platforms used to transfer cash around, offering a faster and more secure service.

Bitcoin is by far the most popular of these cryptocurrencies, offering an already-established fast and secure service thanks to its unique Blockchain powered technology. Casinos such as Unikrn now offer a complete cryptocurrency service, setting the standard for the modern day operator and perhaps heralding a sign of what’s to come for the community in the future.

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