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“Guerreros del Ring”, a healthy environment to practice the sport of boxing in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Young people, boys and girls create a community through this sport in the Mulsay neighborhood of Mérida.

Mérida, Yucatán, (May 18, 2021).- At the corner of Calle 110 and 67 E, in the New Mulsay Extension neighborhood, you will find the Guerreros del Ring gym, a space where children, teenagers, and adults train daily. Whether for sport, exercise, or self-defense, these people have found a way to create community through the sport of boxing.

 The ring is open air (the neighbors can observe the young people training), huge tires that lie on the sidewalk are used to train their legs, and a boxing bag hung outside. A small house set up as a gymnasium for boxers. 

In addition, the athletes use part of the public space, part of the street and sidewalks to carry out their training sessions.

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

Likewise, this place is not exclusively for men, as women, mothers, girls, and young children also attend the gym. Some come to exercise, to learn self-defense, or just because is important that from an early age they learn the values ​​and discipline of this emblematic sport.

Carlos González Palomino, known as Chocolate, founder of the gym, proudly showcases some belts hanging on one of the walls of this sports center, the prizes were won by his students in three tournaments (in Tamaulipas, Mexico City, and Cancun).

The coach commented that this space emerged approximately six years ago in the Mulsay neighborhood; he got some used equipment, materials, and other accessories (due to lack of resources). But the instruments are useful so that young people can train in this small space.

He pointed out that the response has been very good from the residents of Colonia Mulsay, although people from all over Merida come to the gym to learn how to box.

“It is not a luxury gym but we have achieved the acquisition of some equipment with the help of friends and neighbors,” he said.

“In addition, many young people do not have the money to pay, but it is not a problem, they are welcome here, they are taught, as long as they stay away from addictions and bad habits”, González Palomino pointed out.

For Chocolate, thanks to this sport and his work as a coach, he has rescued many young people who were “dedicated to vice.” With boxing “they manage to compose”; express. Here we appreciate them, we make them train and two or three of these have come out very good and they continue to box now at an amateur level,” he explained.

He also said that many people come not precisely to fight, but only to learn and exercise, “which is good for health, no one is forced to throw blows, the training helps people to get fitness and strength, the former boxer noted. 

He also acknowledged that many women have come to the gym, who come to train, learn to defend themselves, or just to exercise, he even mentioned that they already have girls competing in tournaments. “Now with the violence that exists, it is good to learn to throw a few jabs. They learn and they also feel better about themselves ”, González Palomino said.

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

In more than nine years as a coach, many boxers have passed through his gym and through his teachings, currently in ‘Guerreros del Ring’ there are more than 30 people, from boys, girls, youth, and adults. 

He dreams of having a state champion or why not, a world champion. “It’s what I want the most, one dreams of that … boxing is my life,” he said.

Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

Gino Santamaría, another gym coach, commented that nowadays young people and children are very vulnerable, that is why boxing is an excellent discipline, they can have a hobby, or maybe start a boxing career.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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