Ex-president Felipe Calderón involved in a minor accident on the 2021 Rally Maya

The former president and the crashed car. In the second image, his name no longer appears on the door. Photo: (Proceso)

The former president participates again as a pilot in this race together with his brother Juan Luis as co-driver, who at the time of the accident was at the wheel of the white Karmann Ghia.

Campeche, Camp., (May 26, 2021).- Hours after the starting flag of the 2021 Maya Mexico Rally (RMM) of classic cars, former president Felipe Calderón Hinojosa was under the spotlight for crashing his Classic 1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, from the 70s, right in the middle of the historic center of San Francisco de Campeche.

The seventh edition of the RMM, which will conclude on May 29 in Quintana Roo, started at 9 in the morning on May 24 on the boardwalk of the state capital with the participation of 122 classic cars that will tour 36 communities across the Yucatan Peninsula.

Photo: (Twitter @ESPOLITIC)

For the competition, the cars were divided into categories: from 1915-1949, 1950 to 1969, and from 1970 to 1980. The former president competes in the third category.

With the number 24, Felipe Calderón participates again as a pilot in this race together with his brother Juan Luis as co-driver, who at the time of the accident was at the wheel of the Karmann Ghia, white in color and with plates YZN-814-B from Yucatán. 

Photo: (Twitter @ESPOLITIC)

The car it is sponsored by the gas station company Fullgas and Grupo Expansión.

This Tuesday, May 25, the name of the pilot no longer appears in the records.

The crash occurred at sunset on May 24 at the intersection of streets 14 and 63 of the walled enclosure, but the news began to circulate shortly before midnight. 

And that I find the luxurious classic car of @FelipeCalderon Felipe Calderón in the Mayan rally in Campeche ??????RallyMaya #Campeche #BorolasMovil #FelizDomingo


Drunk driver, arrested for causing a road accident.


According to neighbors who witnessed the accident, the Karmann Ghia, which was traveling on 63rd Street and whose driver, who “was not Felipe Calderón but a gray-haired man,” ran over, causing the collision with a Nissan March car that was traveling on 14th street.

The March had a damaged front end, while Calderón’s classic car took a hit to the front side of the driver’s side. Those involved reached an agreement for compensation.

Photo: (Proceso)

Given that the ex-president’s vehicle had a broken headlight, it is not known if he will be able to continue in the competition because the rules of the race say lights of the cars must work.

That of the Calderóns was not the only accident that occurred yesterday within the framework of the event. The RMM organizer, Benjamín de la Peña Mora and his grandson Benjamín de la Peña Kaim, who compete as driver and co-driver in a 1904 Olvera overturned when one of the car’s wooden wheels broke.

Video | Auto clásico del Rally Maya sufre aparatoso accidente – Yucatán a  la mano
Photo: (Yucatàn a la mano)

They returned to Campeche after a tour of the archaeological zone of Edzná and the municipality of Hopelchén. That route of the first day was 263 kilometers. The Peñas were unharmed. They will return to the competition.

Last weekend, before the start of the RMM, the pilots were given a reception with a welcome dinner at the Campeche Country Club, which the Mouriño family, one of those favored by Felipe Calderón during his tenure, built in the land that he snatched from the Lerma ejido. In that golf course, the pilots also participated in a tournament.

Source: Proceso

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