City Council encourages responsible animal adoption

Photo: (Yucatàn al minuto)

Mèrida, Yucatàn (May 07, 2021).- The City of Mérida through the Sustainable Development Unit carried out the event called “People united for a responsible adoption”, which among other activities included workshops and games to raise awareness about the importance of animal welfare.

Eugenia Correa Arce, director of that municipal agency, reported that the purpose of the event, held at the facilities of the Municipal Animal Control Center (CEMCA) was to promote the responsible adoption of companion animals among citizens. Citizens who came to the center’s facilities had the opportunity to interact and get to know better the puppies available for adoption.

One of the first to take advantage of this opportunity was Mrs. Rosa Ligia Fajardo Cocom, a neighbor of the Miguel Alemán neighborhood, who came from an early hour with the intention of choosing a pet to take home.

“I think it is excellent that they carry out this type of event because it is a good option for us citizens to be able to come and get to know the whole procedure closely, the truth is quite simple and agile if you comply with all the procedures,” he commented.

Eugenia Correa indicated that during this year, the CEMCA has given 55 dogs and 4 cats for adoption.

She pointed out that as part of the activities, an area of ​​exhibition and coexistence with dogs was allocated; an awareness workshop on the care and welfare of animals was also given.

“To make the moment more emotional, there was a set of photographs where people took the memory photo with their dogs, accompanied by the characters from the children’s program Paw Patrol,” he stressed.

During the event, some attendees also donated toys such as balls and stuffed animals for the animals.

It is worth mentioning that since last March, the City Council began with the new responsible adoption procedure which includes deworming, rabies vaccination, and the sterilization (spay and neuter) of all dogs and cats that are given up for adoption.

People who wish to adopt an animal must present CURP, INE, and proof of address, wear a collar and leash, fill out a survey, and show proof that their house is fenced and has a fence.

“As part of the adoption, people are asked to sign the documents provided by the CEMCA to complete the process. In some cases, if they do not meet all the requirements, the adoption is not achieved on the same day, but on the following days, ”said the official.

She remarked that for this she has the support of the members of the Veterinary Colleges, Civil Associations, and the agreement with Planned Pethood.