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Citizens denounce bad attention and deterioration at IMSS facilities in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Merida Yucatan, (May 14, 2021).- The facilities of the emergency area of ​​T1 Hospital located in Mèrida, Yucatàn, have a high level of abandonment, there are patients spending the night sitting in chairs, even when they have post-surgical ailments and conditions, the air conditioning does not work, the heat is overwhelming and the problems of lack of medicines and healing materials are constant, reported relatives and beneficiaries of the institution.

The problems are constant, said María Teresa K. wife of Gonzalo T., who has been hospitalized for a week after a motorcycle accident.

“There are no beds, the care services are minimal, they do not allow visitors to take photos of the place where dozens of people sleep who do not go up to the floor because there are no beds available,” she said.

“For four days we have asked to speak with the director and the person in charge of the emergency area, but there are no answers,” said the complainant.

She explained that her husband has been sleeping in an office chair for three days, he has bandages, but the specialist has not come to check on him, they don’t know if he needs a cast or not, and of course, he’s been told there are no beds available. “Since the day of the accident, he has not been able to take a bath and the heat in the emergency room is unbearable, because the air conditioning does not work and it is impossible to sleep with so many people crowded together”, the woman explained.

Regarding this same situation, Aurora L. denounced that her nephew Manuel was hospitalized for a week because he suffered a collapse. His family is from Tekanto and they travel twice a week to see him, but the security personnel does not allow them to visit the young man, because they are not “direct family”.

Manuel is 28 years old, he is a construction worker, until now no studies have been done to find out why he suffered the seizure and what his general conditions are. Aurora said that she lives in the La Amapolita Chenkù neighborhood, she goes in the afternoons to ask about the medical report, but there are many people in the emergency area who do not receive care and it is impossible to bring food or water for patients, even when the people are crowded together sitting in a row and no one attends them.

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Another case of complaint was pointed out by Teresa P., who assured that the patients who remain in the emergency area are abandoned, there are not enough staff, the nurses and doctors cannot cope with more than 50 people who are in that area and do not receive care.

She assured that his father was hospitalized on Friday, May 7th, for an acute case of amoebiasis that same day they stabilized him and placed serum. However, 4 days have passed and it has not been possible to see a specialist in order to know what medications he must take or what is the follow-up required for discharge.

She also said that the nurses asked her for medicines that she had to buy on her own and did not notify her why his father is still hospitalized and when he will be able to leave the hospital.

“There are a large number of people sitting in a row, there are no beds, it is not possible for all the people to stay there for so long, they only have a fan, and the heat is overwhelming,” she said.

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