CDMX Citizens demand justice at Ground Zero for the Metro Line 12 victims

Photo: (Yucatàn al minuto)

MEXICO CITY, (May 10, 2021).- To the clamor of “Let the State fall, not the Metro”, “Negligence and corruption kill” and “It was not an accident, it was the State”, protesters marched this Friday, May 07 along Tláhuac Avenue in the Culhuacán district of Mèxico City, to demand justice for the 26 victims and the 79 wounded left by the collapse of Line 12 of the Olivos Metro station last Monday, May 03.

Many marched on bicycles, others on foot, but all carried flowers, white balloons, and candles, as well as banners with slogans and flags of Mexico that were part of an altar next to the so-called “ground zero”, the place of the tragedy.

There was an attempt by the Secretariat of Citizen Security to prevent the passage with fences, but finally, the crowd managed to pass and at nightfall, the evening began with prayers and the roll call of the victims, to which the protesters yelled over and over “justice, justice!”

The AMLO administration is losing popularity among the lower classes all over Mexico, as people are finally realizing the terrible way they have managed this atrocious disaster.