CDMX announces return to face-to-face classes on June 7

The CDMX authorities indicated that to mitigate the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is convenient to start face-to-face classes safely and as soon as possible. Photo: (El Universal)

MÈXICO, CITY, (May 20, 2021).- “The return to face-to-face classes in Mexico City will be on June 7, just one day after the election, as the educational communities have decided”, informed Luis Humberto Fernández Fuentes, local Federal Educational Authority.   

He indicated that the objective is that before the end of the school year, schools are reactivated with all health measures. Therefore, he assured that all educational personnel needs to be vaccinated.

The official indicated that the return will be orderly, staggered, safe, and in permanent dialogue with all sectors, but what is sought is to rediscover the community, start a process of resilience, strengthen emotional ties, reinforce knowledge, mitigate socio-emotional effects, reduce school dropouts, as well as regularization and pedagogical support.

back to face-to-face classes CDMX slide
The return to face-to-face classes will take place next June 7 in the educational communities that so decide.
The objective is that before the end of the school year, we reactivate the schools in person with all the sanitary measures. Photo: (El Universal)


Protocols for the face-to-face return to classes in CDMX 

Fuentes Hernández commented that there must be three filters, to verify that the minors are not infected, first the filter at home, another at the entrance of the school, and one more before entering the classroom. 

Likewise, there will be nine interventions in schools, from the activation of Participatory School Health Committees and implementation of the three filters of co-responsibility; access to soap and water in schools to prevent infections; vaccination of educational personnel; mandatory use of face masks and hand washing; healthy distance, alternate assistance; maximize the use of open spaces; suspension of any type of ceremonies and meetings; socio-emotional support for students and teachers.

He also indicated that early detection will be established, and stated that with one contagion the school will be closed for 15 days and students will continue with online classes.

The face-to-face return consists of students returning voluntarily and in a staggered manner, the schools according to the capacity of the classrooms will determine how many students will be able to attend per day maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between each other at all times.

The return scheme will be the attendance of one group on Mondays and Wednesdays, another group, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the students that need more reinforcement may attend on Fridays.

AMLO proposes the return to face-to-face classes in June

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed a return to face-to-face classes in Mexico City for the second week of June through consensus with the education sector, as well as with parents, after completing the immunization of teachers .

“(…) It would be very good if for the second week of June classes in the city were resumed to finish the course, the school year, finish in July, but have at least one month of face-to-face classes to regularize, to bring all the students up to date ”, AMLO stated.

The Federal Executive indicated that this could happen as long as the vaccination of teachers from public and private institutions in the capital is completed.

He even consulted the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, who told him that she agrees with the proposal.

Source: El Universal