Capitol Urban District: Smart investment in the Mexican southeast

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Mèrida, Yucatàn, May 27, 2021, (INMOBILIARE).- As a consequence of the growth and diversification of Grupo Bepensa, as well as the important economic activity in the state of Yucatán; In 2014, Bterra Desarrollos was born, a company that has established itself as a key player in the local real estate investment market.

Its business model has the Business to Business (B2B) and Custom Construction (built to suit) approaches. Currently, they are marketing six comprehensive developments that make up the corporate, commercial, services, and housing sectors in the southeast region of Mexico, mainly in Mérida, Yucatán.

There is a boom not only in the real estate sector but in other industries too, this allows a strong economy that translates into capital gains. In addition, the Yucatecan capital presents indicators above the national average in terms of security, quality of life, and population growth, approaching almost one million inhabitants.

In this way, it has a diverse demographic in terms of ages and socioeconomic levels, explained Santiago Mancebo Landa, General Director of Bterra Desarrollos. These characteristics are decisive for the sector and the absorption of Real Estate inventory in all segments.

Cápitol Distrito Urbano
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On the other hand, the accessibility of land prices allows the creation of profitable projects with competitive rates of return, explained Mancebo. While the business environment stands out at the national level for the closeness between the public and private sectors, transparency, and access to information that facilitate real estate development more efficiently.

The privileged location of Mérida allows it to benefit from the growth of other destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum, since there is an important demand for human capital, construction materials, agricultural products, among others. According to INEGI, Mèrida is the third city with the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

Likewise, it is estimated that in the coming years the urban area will grow to connect in a conurbation with the port of Progreso, the third most important in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to this, the “White City” is part of the Maya Train route, an infrastructure megaproject that will generate a significant economic spill.

It is in this favorable region that Bterra markets Capitol Urban District; a project that integrates commerce, offices, residences, and services in the northern area of ​​Mérida, known for being the one with the highest purchasing power and one of the most important economic and industrial points of the entity.

This mixed-use development has 31 lots distributed strategically based on a master plan that has been carefully designed to meet the best urbanization, technology, and sustainability standards, which also facilitate the creation of diversified real estate developments.

Cápitol Distrito Corporativo – Inmobiliare
Photo: (Inmobiliare)

In the commercial area, the lots are ideal for the construction of department stores, community centers, Town Centers, Outlet Malls, and Strip Malls. For the housing section, the construction of vertical housing, luxury towers, Concept Malls, and Supermarkets is projected. While for the office section, properties such as corporate towers, business class hotels, hospitals and clinics, medical centers, and event centers or auditoriums can be developed.

Among the amenities, stand out bicycle modules that promote active and sustainable mobility; kiosks with multiple offers of services, pavilions, and parks that balance the environmental environment, as well as lighting, surveillance, and more.

Bterra Desarrollos knows and takes advantage of the opportunities of one of the most important regions of Mexico. With this, it guarantees its investors the growth of their money, thanks to the quality, practicality, low risk, and adequate planning of Capitol Urban District.

Cápitol Distrito Urbano
Photo: (BTerra desarrollos)

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