Cancun tourism workers and service providers are exposed to Covid-19 infections

(Photo: Yucatan a la mano)

They are in contact with tourists who are not required to check that they do not carry the disease and travel in full trucks.

Despite the fact that Darío Flota, director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council (CPTQ) pointed out that infections do not occur in the tourism field but in the population and in communities, hotel workers are exposed to COVID-19 in the transportation to the hotel zone, where there are no sanitary measures or authorities in charge of enforcing the protocols in public places.

During the World Travel and Tourism Congress held in Cancun, Darío Flota, General Director of the State Tourism Promotion Council, pointed out that the protocols in the lodging centers have been correct, this before the return to the Orange color of the Epidemiological Traffic Light State, however, pointed out that infections occur in certain areas of the population and communities of the entity.

It has already been proven that the protocols in the hotels have worked, the outbreaks have occurred in the areas of the population in different areas of the State, and that they do not have to do with the operation of the tourist activity, so it should not be affected We have those of the local community, having to continue taking care of ourselves so that the recovery can continue, ”said Flota Ocampo.

However, there are situations in which workers are exposed in their work centers, which is where they have contact with foreigners, who in known cases have tested positive for COVID-19, this is because they already have the virus or They were infected in tourist centers because to enter the country it is not necessary to verify that the person is free of coronavirus.

It was at the Moon Palace where young Argentines who were infected with COVID-19 stayed, this newspaper detected 109 confirmed positive cases, these young people carried out activities in all areas of the hotel zone, Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos, being close to the provider’s services of theme parks, restaurants or clubs.

Another of the great references of contagions is the public transport of the hotel zone, which fills up to more than its allowed limit and also allows foreigners to climb without face masks, this being an important meeting point since these routes reach The subdivisions known to be those inhabited by hotel employees, Villas del Mar and Prado Norte are two examples and they are also two subdivisions that have appeared on several occasions in the top of the colonies with the most cases of COVID-19 from the state government.