Campeche candidate inappropriately touches female colleague (Video)

A video reveals the moment Eliseo Fernández, candidate of the Movimiento Ciudadano for the Campeche government, inappropriately touches his co-religionist Biby Karen Rabelo de la Torre.

In social networks and instant messaging chats, a video of Eliseo Fernández Montufar, candidate of the Movimiento Ciudadano political party for the government of Campeche, inappropriately touches his colleague Biby Karen Rabelo de la Torre during a campaign event.

This Friday, May 7th, the debate between the candidates for the governorship of the state will take place at the Campeche XXI Convention Center, organized by the Electoral Institute of the State of Campeche (IEEC).

In the meeting, the six political institutes will participate and Fernández Montufar, will participate in third place.

A few weeks ago a video was released showing the moment when David Monreal, Morena’s candidate for governor of Zacatecas, disrespectfully touches his party partner, Rocío Moreno, candidate for municipal president of Juchipila.