Are you looking for a property down in Mexico? These are the best options in Real Estate

The profitability of a property does not depend only on the investor. Photo: (Pixabay)

MEXICO, May, 04, 2021, (EL HERALDO).- Currently, the purchase of a property, used or new, to put it up for rent, is still an option for those who want to invest their money in a business that will make them obtain a significant profit.

The profitability of a property does not depend only on the investor, it also has to do with the market, the type of property, its location, the state in which it is located, and the different ways in which it is advertised.

Therefore, if you are interested in investing in Real Estate in Mexico, and making a good profit on it, here are some tips to do it the right way. 

Residential investment

The purchase of houses or apartments is an investment that allows generating a return through leasing, where a profit of between 3.5 to five percent can be obtained depending on the segment to which the property belongs: low-income housing, medium interest, residential, residential plus, or premium.

Investment in offices

Currently, office rentals offer a more profitable demand, since rental contracts can be established for more than a year and it is an emerging market that has begun to gain strength in some cities with stable economic development. It must be taken into account that its high profitability also depends on the growth of the area where it is established and its economic development. The profit that can be obtained if it is an independent office is approximately six percent and if it is in a building it can reach 5.5 percent.

Investment in commercial premises

Commercial premises can be profitable in the long term, however, it is not much of a difficulty because it is often easy to find interested businessmen. The profit in this type of investment could go from 3 to 7% if it is considered that it can be a commercial premise, commercial land, or commercial premises within a shopping center. 

It should be noted that many commercial zones in areas that are experiencing extensive economic development are handling high prices that may only be accessible to investors with high acquisition power and enough capital to invest.

Source: El Heraldo de Mexico