“AMLO’s incompetence has turned into complicity with organized crime” (Marko Cortés)

Marko Cortés, national leader of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), declared that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “is submissive to organized crime and, worse still, its incompetence turns into complicity.”

The PAN leader reproached that insecurity and political violence were some of the most despicable characteristics of this electoral process, with 88 politicians assassinated, 34 of whom were candidates. Against this background, Cortés criticized that the federal government insists that the media magnify violence.

“When the president describes these events as “yellowish” and “sensationalist”, he shows his total indifference and irresponsibility in the face of insecurity and crime that, according to the United States, already controls 40 percent of the national territory.

“This is a very dangerous signal for the country because it shows that the Morena government is totally submissive to organized crime and, worse still, its incompetence turns into complicity,” the PAN leader said in a statement.

Before the campaign closings – on Wednesday, June 2 – Cortés confided that the Morena governments “that have made promises in vain, and had not given any results that benefit the people and their families” will be left behind.

The PAN leader expressed his confidence to win the majority of the 15 governorships on June 6, the municipal presidencies of the main cities of the country, many of the 32 local congresses, and remove Morena from the qualified majority in the Lower Chamber (Cámara de Diputados).

Source: Proceso