AMLO: people are asking me to get re-elected, but I refuse

Photo: (Yucatàn al minuto)

MEXICO CITY, (May 13, 2021) .- During his morning conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that on his last trip to supervise the progress of the Dos Bocas refinery, in the State of Tabasco, the workers thanked him for the job they have at Dos Bocas but also asked him to get re-elected and stay for another six years in office, but he said that he refused.

“I’m going to say something that will really upset my conservative opponents; People tell to me ‘re-elect myself’. Can’t you see that I’m already old and fussy? And besides, I am also a supporter of non-reelection, I am a Maderista, I will govern until 2024, and then I will retire ”, AMLO stated on Thursday, May 13.

Likewise, he said that he took photos with the workers during his visit to the plants, but because there is an electoral ban, he told people “it is not going to be that this is why the INE brushes me.” I only asked them: No upload them ”.

Source: Yucatàn al minuto

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