2-year-old girl accidentally ingests Muriatic Acid at Centenario Zoo bathroom

Photo: Yucatan Ahora

Mérida, Yucatán, (May 29, 2021).- A two-year-old girl drank muriatic acid when she entered a public bath, accompanied by her mother, at the Centenario Zoo in Mérida, Yucatán municipality, on Friday, May 28.

Her mother, originally from Cancun, came to visit the zoo in Merida, accompanied by her two minor children: the girl of one year and nine months and a slightly older boy.

According to what the mother reported, after taking a walk in the park, she needed to go to the bathroom, which she entered accompanied by the little girl, who stayed at the door of the cubicle used by the woman.

When the woman from Cancun came out, she saw that the girl was drinking from a bottle that contained muriatic acid.

She immediately took it off her hands and made the girl vomit, so that she expelled the ingested liquid.

Then she asked for help and paramedics from the Municipal Police arrived to attend to the minor, who was taken to the IMSS T-1 in Mérida. She is reported stable.