The Defender 1873 crew of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) rescued a dog in the sea of ​​Progreso.

The dog, according to information from social networks, was 300 meters away from the shore, near the Progreso fiscal dock. Although it is unknown how the dog got to the sea, the uniformed officers reported that they would protect her until her owner appears.

After the video went viral on social networks, the governor of Yucatán Mauricio Vila Dosal recognized the work of the crew and pointed out that in the state of Yucatan “all lives are important”.

“In Yucatán all lives are important, that is why the staff of the Special Coastal Surveillance Group of @sspyuc carried out the rescue of a dog that was swimming adrift of the coast of Progreso and that was put to shelter until its owners came to pick it up, ”wrote the Yucatecan governor.

Wera is now with her family
After the viral video, the SSP reported that the dog, named Wera, is already with her family. Authorities explained that the pet ran into the sea scared because some people were playing with “firecrackers” near her home.

The 9-year-old Wera is a strong swimmer, so she managed to stay afloat until the fire department personnel achieved her rescue. Its owner went to the offices of the Fire Department to retrieve her pet.