Young people of Tekax concerned about the local economy and employment

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

Tekax, Yucatan, (April 13, 2021).- The economy, jobs, entrepreneurship, and tourism are issues addressed by young people in a meeting they held with Diego Ávila Romero, PAN-PRD candidate for mayor of Tekax municipality in Yucatán, who invited them to participate with proposals to continue promoting the development of the municipality.

“Young people are a fundamental part of the future of Tekax, so it is important to build different projects that help strengthen their ideas,” stressed the applicant during the “Young Opinion” forum, which was carried out with great encouragement and good participation.

In the frank and open talk, Diego Ávila spoke about his family, his political career, and some personal anecdotes, generating empathy with the young Tekaxeños, who had the opportunity to express their proposals and expressed their support for the candidate.

It was a very entertaining talk, among young people -Diego Ávila is one of the mayors, now licensed, the youngest in Yucatán-, in which interesting ideas arose that will surely translate into more programs and actions aimed at benefiting this sector of the population.

“The young people of Tekax represent an important force for the municipality, I thank them for their participation in this forum, their ideas, doubts, and concerns will enrich our proposal and they can be sure that they will continue to have a mayor at their service,” said the candidate.

“I hope to reaffirm the confidence of you, of women, of the elderly, and of the voters, in general, this June 6, 2021, to continue serving Tekax. We will continue to be in contact in this campaign, as with all sectors of the population, thank you very much for your support! ” said Diego Ávila, to the applause and the samples of support from the attendees.