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Yellow traffic light in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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The monitoring system, which is updated every other week, was implemented in June 2020 and is used to alert residents of the epidemiological risks in their state or region.

Mérida, Yucatán, (April 23, 2021).- In a message broadcast via social networks, radio and television, Vila Dosal invited all Yucatecans to act with maximum responsibility, because in the case that the State Traffic Light indicators return to levels that compromise the health and life of the Yucatecan people, the State Government will act with all responsibility.

After the change to yellow of the state epidemiological traffic light, as a result of the decrease in health indicators and the good progress of vaccination, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced 6 new measures that will allow to continue protecting the health of the Yucatecans, but at the same time continuing with the economic reactivation, which were approved by the Committee of Experts in Public Health.

The new measures announced tonight by Vila Dosal through a message addressed to the Yucatecans through social networks and the state radio and television channel are:

1. As of Monday, April 26, the restriction on night vehicle mobility from Sunday to Wednesday is eliminated and remains from 11:30 pm to 5:00 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

2. As of Monday, April 26, the restaurants may be open until midnight from Sunday to Wednesday.

3. As of Monday, April 26, capacity will increase to 75% of its capacity in restaurants, shops, shopping malls, supermarkets and hotels, while cinemas and theaters will be 50%.

4. As of Monday, April 26, the playgrounds and sports areas in public parks and shopping malls will be reopened.

5. As of Saturday, May 15, the professional practices of higher education students will resume.

6. As of Saturday, May 15, social events such as weddings or similar are reactivated, so those who carry out an event will have to abide by the protocols published on the official page of economic reactivation of the state and respect the capacity, which they will be limited to 100 people indoors and 200 outdoors. In the event that this is not complied with, the event will be closed even while it is taking place.

“It is important to point out that, in the event that the State Traffic Light indicators return to levels that compromise the health and life of the Yucatecans, the State Government will act with all responsibility and with this, measures that protect the health and the economy of the families that live in the state ”, affirmed the Governor.

In that sense, Vila Dosal invited all Yucatecans to act with maximum responsibility, since there is still a long way to go before the pandemic ends, “so we must not lower our guard and we must continue to apply preventive health measures that include the use of face masks, hand washing, and healthy distance ”.

When addressing the people of Yucatán, the Governor recalled that after going through the most difficult year in the modern history of the state, in which we faced the various effects of the pandemic, as well as the ravages of 3 tropical storms and 2 hurricanes, which affected to thousands of families, today, positive news regarding the epidemiological traffic light continues to be generated, since it changed to yellow as a result of a period of more than 6 weeks of declines in health indicators.

During the pandemic, the State Government has worked responsibly making difficult decisions, which have not been entirely popular, but which, without a doubt, have contributed to saving lives and everything has been done with the firm conviction that I was elected as Governor, not to do what is popular, but to do the right thing, highlighted Vila Dosal.

In this sense, the Governor thanked and congratulated the Yucatecans for the discipline and commitment they have put in, acting in solidarity and understanding that sometimes we have to make efforts for a greater good to save lives and, at the same time, take care of the economy. .

“Thanks to this effort, our indicators have gone from having an average of 245 new positive cases a day at the peak of the pandemic to having 61; Also, we have gone from 75 hospital admissions on average per day to only 18; we have dropped from 590 occupied beds to 156 on average and we have gone from having an average of 35 regrettable deaths to an average of 9 at this time, ” said Vila Dosal.

As a result of this stability, the Governor highlighted that, while 17 states of the Republic entered a red traffic light between the months of December to February, in Yucatan 96% of our economy has remained open, in addition, to this day, the metropolitan area of ​​Mérida is the only one in the entire country that has not had a rebound in cases that put the health of its inhabitants at risk.

In addition to these good results in health indicators, there is good progress in the Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign in the state, thanks to the coordination between the 3 levels of government, since the first dose of the vaccine has been applied in the 106 municipalities of the state to all adults over 60 years of age who have come to receive it, said the Governor.

In the same way, the Governor recalled that, although all older adults have received or are receiving the vaccine, they must continue to comply with health measures without exception, for which he urged the entire population so that when the corresponding date is, they go without fear of receiving it since this is the only way in which we can all contribute to ending the pandemic.

Likewise, the Governor asked all the teaching staff to be aware of the notices of the health authorities to receive the vaccine, since, as a result of the procedures carried out before federal authorities, between May 19 and 28 the application will begin of the dose for this sector.

“In the same way, we will continue insisting with the Federal Government Health Secretariat to vaccinate, as soon as possible, the health personnel of the public and private sector that is needed,” said Vila Dosal.

Let us prove once more that by working together as one, in Yucatan we can face any challenge, concluded the Governor.

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