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Yachts, boats, and catamarans manufacturing plant to open in Yucatan

by Yucatan Times
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The American company Invincible Boats will establish in Yucatan a manufacturing plant dedicated to the construction of pleasure boats, fishing boats, and catamarans, a project announced by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and which will mean the investment of almost one billion pesos (50 million US dollars), as well as the generation of 400 new jobs for the people of Yucatan.

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and Invincible Boats’ director of operations, Thomas Wieners, unveiled this investment plan that reiterates the confidence of private initiative in Yucatán and positions the entity as an industrial pole at the international level, while contributes to the economic recovery of the state.

In this context, the director of operations of Invincible Boats, Thomas Wieners, highlighted that Yucatán is the perfect place to invest thanks to the conditions it offers, such as its brilliant industrial focus, its talented workforce, its infrastructure facilities with the Port of Progreso, its excellent security conditions and its rich cultural background, which is complemented by the fact that they have found in the state a Government that establishes and supports investment projects to be successful.

“We believe in the people and the pride of being Yucatecan and we have no doubt that this project will be successful. We appreciate the reception of the State Government, the business community, and the Yucatecan society, which has received us with great enthusiasm and support, I assure you that our goal is to achieve a prosperous, long-term, and exciting future together, in order to contribute to the quality of life in Yucatán ”, asserted the manager.

When addressing his message, the Governor thanked the trust placed in Yucatán and reiterated the support that Yucatán and its Government grant so that all the investments that arrive are successful, since with them comes the generation of employment for local families and the economic benefit.

Before the director of business transformation of Invincible Boats, Emilio Silva Cajiga and the Consul General of the United States in Mérida, Courtney Beale, Vila Dosal pointed out that we come from one of the most complicated years in modern history, where the economy suffered terrible damages, At the national level, it fell by 11%, while in Yucatán it registered a smaller drop of only 8.9%, which resulted in 25 thousand jobs were lost between March and August of last year.

Faced with this scenario, the Governor indicated that the challenge of working hand in hand to continue recovering the sources of work that have been lost, a process that is on the right track, since 10 thousand of the 25 thousand jobs lost have been recovered, that is, It could be said that in 2 years the jobs we lost would be recovering, a panorama that compares with what happened in 2009 due to influenza, when the recovery lasted 8 years.

In this sense, Vila Dosal recalled that this week there has been very good news for Yucatán, such as the start of work on the new building known as “The Sky”2222222222222
“#!, more than 160 meters high, which will be the highest in the entire southeast with an investment of 1,800 million pesos and a generation of 800 jobs in its construction; Grupo Kuo’s announcement that it will be generating 1,500 new jobs for Yucatán; the inauguration of the Orión building, which represents a significant investment; and the start of construction of the Augusta Sportswear Brands maquiladora, which means an investment of nearly 600 million pesos (30 million dollars) and the generation of 1,100 jobs.

The above, affirmed the Governor, adds to the confidence that Yucatán generates, with indicators where we continue to be the safest state in the entire country, that we are the only state in all of Latin America that has a Digital Investment Window, according to José Ángel Gurría, Secretary General of the OECD; In addition, Yucatán is the state that has the best conditions to do business and other organizations have said that Mérida is the best city to invest, to live in and the most competitive in the entire southeast of Mexico, as well as the third largest city in the country.

“All these conditions are generating an important business climate in the state, a climate that favors private investments and we as the Government, we have to provide the conditions so that investments can be generated, for those who risk and bet their money in Yucatan have all the conditions to be able to move forward, “added Vila Dosal in the presence of the president of the Business Coordinating Council in Yucatán (CEEY) and of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic in Yucatán (COPARMEX), Fernando Ponce Díaz.

On the other hand, the Governor pointed out that the passage to the yellow traffic light in Yucatan will also allow to continue advancing in the gradual reopening of the economy, which will always be taking place by acting with great responsibility and based on epidemiological indicators and the recommendations of the Committee. of Health Experts.

Proof of this, Vila Dosal recalled that it was decided to take a series of measures, which were announced yesterday, for which he asked the population to be patient, since the restrictions will be lifted gradually and in stages, how it has worked in the state.

“Let us understand that what has worked in the pandemic are the gradual advances and in stages, not overnight will the restrictions be removed, so I ask for your patience. What will be done is that in 15 days the impact will be measured and it will be decided whether to continue, so we cannot trust ourselves because if the measures are relaxed we would be backing down in the reopening ”, concluded the Governor.

According to the company, it is expected that the facilities of this new manufacturing plant will be built in the municipality of Kanasín, a process that would begin at the end of this year, for now, they will begin operations this summer, in an existing building, to ensure a punctual start of the project and start the training of the team members.

The plant to be built will have an approximate space of 300 thousand square feet (p2). This is Invincible Boats’ fourth project in Mexico, since the firm has a presence in Ciudad Juárez, Querétaro and Tijuana.

It should be noted that, for its operation, people with professional profiles such as design engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers and logistics, finance and human resources specialists will be employed. His goal is to hire almost all positions locally.

In his turn, the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor of the State of Yucatán (SEFOET), Ernesto Herrera Novelo, highlighted that the arrival of this firm in the state confirms the confidence that the private initiative has in Yucatán, placing it as an ideal place to develop its projects, in addition to that, with the installation of its manufacturing plant, it will promote economic reactivation and the generation of competitive jobs in the territory.

Similarly, the state official thanked Invincible Boats for the decision to settle in Yucatán as part of its expansion project. “His arrival shows us that Yucatán is the right place to invest and with the greatest legal certainty in all of Mexico.”

Invincible Boats is a leading company in the manufacture of high performance fishing boats based in Florida, United States, which will increase its production capacity. This international firm is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and sale of high performance luxury boats with center console for sport fishing.

Its models are catamarans and monohulls in dimensions of 73 and up to 46 feet.

Since its founding in 2006, it has distinguished itself by using the highest quality materials and by the attention it provides to details in each of its boats, which, taking up its words, are specifically designed for the job, to perform at its best. , in the most difficult conditions.

It also has the fastest growing brand in ultra Premium sportfishing boats, characterized by the combination of superior performance and yacht finishes.

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1 comment

Nove Sea June 17, 2021 - 1:07 am

By investing private capital and creating jobs, successful businesses like Invincible Boats are a reason for Yucatan’s strong economy. Congratulations to all who have made this possible!


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