Uptown kindergarten shut down in Merida for operating without complying with health regulations

Photo: SIPSE

Mérida: For offering preschool service in the middle of the pandemic, Colegio del Norte is closed

The school was operating without complying with health regulations

Mérida, Yucatán (April 17, 2021).- For failing to comply with health protocols in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government of the State imposed the suspension of activities at the premises of the nursery of the Cumbres Institute of Merida and the institution could be fined up to 180 thousand pesos.

As part of a surveillance operation, staff of the State Health Secretariat (SSY) and the State Coordination of Civil Protection (Procivy) went to the facilities of said school, located in the north of Mérida, where the nursery area operates is the only service that has been authorized to operate observing health protocols.

In this space, according to publications, preschool children were attended, an educational level that is not yet allowed to work face to face due to the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: (Sipse)

In this space, according to publications, preschool children were attended, an educational level that, the same as elementary, secondary, high school, or university levels they are all limited to online classes.

At the site, the staff of both units confirmed that the nursery was operating without complying with the civil protection and health provisions, in addition to the health protocols in the face of the pandemic, for which they proceeded to stamp the seals of activity suspension.

Similarly, the agents of the SSY and Procivy informed those responsible for this institution that for failing to comply with these provisions the fine could be up to 180 thousand pesos.

Photo: SIPSE

The actions implemented are intended to safeguard the health of the Yucatecans in accordance with the Safe Economic Reactivation Agreement, in accordance with the epidemiological traffic light, in order to verify compliance with said sanitary measures issued by federal and state authorities.

The state government reiterated that it will remain vigilant that all businesses and establishments that are authorized to operate within the Safe Economic Reactivation Agreement comply with all sanitary provisions, so it will continue to be firm on this issue.

Source: sipse.com