United States, China, Germany, South Korea, Canada, and Japan are Mexico’s main trade partners

China is the second commercial partner of our country, according to data from Banxico.

Foreign trade is a fundamental part for the development and growth of the Mexican economy, that is why it is important to know which are the countries and main commercial partners of Mexico .

US main trading partner of Mexico

According to the Ministry of Economy  ( SE ), the main commercial partner of Mexico during the past year was the United States, followed by China, Germany, South Korea, Canada, and finally Japan.

In addition, from 1999 to 2020, Foreign Direct Investment has been 284,036, which represents 46.8% of the total.

China and Germany, the other main partners of our country

For example, in 2020 the commercial exchange between Mexico and the United States was 1 million dollars per minute, with a total trade of 506,994 million dollars.

Meanwhile China had a total of 81,579, followed by Germany with 20,469 million dollars.

In fourth place, South Korea showed a total of 20,003 million dollars in total trade with our country.

Finally, Canada was in fifth place with 19,493 and Japan in sixth place with 17,569, according to information from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) and the SE.