“The US is not going to tell us what to do” AMLO responds to Landau

The President also referred to the agreement that the INE approved on overrepresentation in the lower house. Photo: (Yucatán a la mano)

Landau said in a forum that the Mexican president adopted an attitude of “laissez faire” when it comes to drug cartels.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, made it clear that he will not allow a foreign government to tell him what to do in the fight against drug trafficking or in any other matter.

In this way, López Obrador responded to the statements of former US ambassador Christopher Landau , who stated in a forum that the Mexican president adopted an attitude of “letting go, letting go” in the face of drug cartels .

“Everyone has their own conception of things, we are moving forward. The purpose is to achieve peace, that there is no violence, lower the number of homicides, that we can live calmly and in peace, but they will not come to us from abroad to dictate what we have to do, neither in that matter nor in any other ”, AMLO stressed.

The Mexican president said he understood the attitude of former ambassador Landau because “he has a different conception, he represented a foreign government in our country.”

“With us, things have changed, they are different, but not only the former ambassador Landau, the same President Trump when the Sinaloa situation, when the murders of women and children in Bavispe, the telephone calls, but his offer was also oriented to sending troops to Mexico. They wanted to help by sending groups to confront drug trafficking in Mexico; I thanked them for their support and kindly told them that it was our issue and that we had to deal with it, ”AMLO concluded.

Source: Lopez Doriga

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