“The only thing that interests telephone companies is money”, AMLO

The president indicated that his government is only interested in guaranteeing the safety of the population. Photo: (SIPSE)

MEXICO, April 29, 2021, (SIPSE).- This morning, April 28th, in a conference at the National Palace, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused telephone companies, such as Telcel, of operating a campaign against the National Register of Mobile Telephone Users (Panaut).

“His God is money”

Before his initiative to create the register, the chief executive accused that the only thing that matters to the telephone companies is money and instead, he indicated, what interests his government is to guarantee the safety of the population.

In a morning press conference, AMLO pointed out that the telephone companies act with great hypocrisy since he affirmed that they already request these data when a person goes to request a telephone service.

“We have to defend the citizens and guarantee the security of the citizens, the mercantile thing takes a backseat,” said the president.

“It is like the defense that we have to do for the health of the people, these telephone companies are priority things then, which have a lot of power and which also act with a lot of hypocrisy because for the hiring of a telephone service they already requested these data,” he said.


The president added that the telephone companies act falsely because, the data that the Government will now request, they already required at the time of contracting the telephone service.

“So, these telephone companies have a lot of power and they also act with a lot of hypocrisy, because for the hiring of a telephone service they already ask for that data. 

“Yes, we have to review all this because if not, the State will continue to serve a rapacious minority, it will not have a government for all the people. Hence their anger and attack on the media and these decisions”.


The best method to resolve differences is democracy. Morning conference.