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Tacos al pastor stand causes long lines in Germany.

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A Mexican taco stand in Berlin became the sensation of palates and social networks.

BERLIN Germany (Twitter) – A video taken in a neighborhood in Berlin, has gone viral on social networks, where dozens of Germans can be seen lining up to try tacos al pastor. Of course, hundreds of Mexican users have felt pride after seeing how far Mexican food has come.

The taco al pastor is undoubtedly one of the great peaks of Mexican food. Its combination of marinated meat, pineapple, cilantro, and onion with its delicious salsa is a unique experience.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to measure how far one of our most emblematic dishes has come. Hence, many users were pleasantly surprised to discover the video of a taco al pastor stands in Berlin on social networks.

In the video shared by journalist Yaotzin Botello, a large and long line of people can be seen outside the stand. The video shows the taco stand, a grill, and two people who are relentlessly dispatching orders.

The stand is said to be located in the famous Prenzlauer Berg district, one of Berlin’s most culturally and historically significant areas. The line stretches for several dozen meters while diners mill around the premises.

Social media users celebrated the existence of the restaurant and the warm welcome from the Germans. Some even pointed out that the salt shaker has the traditional shape, as in Mexican taquerias.

Unfortunately, according to Yaotzin Botello, the taco stand was only available for one day. More than a few Mexicans in Berlin lamented in the original publication that they were unable to order.

The taco al pastor and its syncretism
Although tacos have been with us for centuries, the taco al pastor is relatively young. Its invention dated back to the middle of the 20th century and was born to contribute to the Lebanese community that migrated to Mexico.

In the Mediterranean and the Middle East, marinated meat has been prepared on vertical grills for centuries. Turkey has the doner kebab; in Greece, the gyros and in Lebanon, the shawarma.

The trompo de pastor is an adaptation of these dishes, where the lamb meat was replaced by pork, and corn tortillas replaced the Arabic bread. Of course, over the years, the recipe has been refined into a unique dish, which is invariably accompanied by delicious rich salsa and lemons.

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