Solidaridad proclaims as a sexual diversity-friendly destination

Photo: (Grupo Pirámide)

Quintana Roo, (April 01, 2021).- “Last weekend, the City Council of Solidaridad called itself a friendly municipality with populations of sexual diversity. This is the third one to do so nationally, after Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, and the 25th worldwide”, said Omar Ortiz, head of the sexual diversity unit of the Solidaridad city council. This announcement represented a substantial step in respect and the inclusion of the citizens that make up this sector of society.

Being friendly with the populations of sexual diversity means acquiring institutional and government commitments that allow non-heterosexual people to guarantee a safe coexistence, development opportunities, and government bodies that are harmonized in their vision of human rights so that all actions that performed in public service are focused on giving peace of mind, certainty, security and healthy recreation to any person.

“First, the entire government structure will be harmonized, which does not allow for discrimination or the interpretation of government terms, words, or actions that could lend themselves to an act of discrimination for reasons of orientation, identity, or gender expression. The second thing, which is the great challenge, is to sensitize and educate society as a whole, this is all the actions that we do as a government will have to go with a human rights vision, something that will tell the citizens: ‘if we respect, we invite you to do it too or it may be subject to sanctions, ‘” said the official.

Playa del Carmen (Photo: SIPSE)

He recalled that both the federal and state constitutions sanction discrimination based on race, origin, sexual preferences, or creed, and there are bodies in charge of preventing it. “We know that it will not be easy because as we have a lifelong discriminatory culture, the intention now is to intervene in cultural strategies that allow us to have a more capable citizenship on issues of human rights, equality, and equity, to avoid discrimination”, he agreed.

The strategies include government programs and public events messages of non-discrimination, inclusion, and respect for all populations, that is, in each government public action there must be a message either in a module, image or audio; “The intention is that in every public act there is information regarding expressions of gender identity and sexual diversity.”

“These strategies make us better as a society because we can walk much faster on the path of respect; in other words, if we all include ourselves in a strategy of vision of humanity, we could have better living conditions. We would have less violence for reasons of personality or expression, we could even think about eliminating issues such as violence against women, which today is a burden and is linked to violence for reasons of gender expression and gender identity. We must keep in mind that we are all equal before the law and we should have the same development opportunities and the same access to rights ”, concluded Omar Ortiz.