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Rural women are a fundamental part of the productive development of the agri-food sector in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatàn, (April 25, 2021).- “In Mérida, we have set an example of what it means to strengthen women and today our message is that: to tell them that they are not alone, they have all the support, experience, and interest of Renán who from the mayor’s office It will continue to promote them and chart a path towards a better Merida ”, said Diana Castillo Laviada, head of the DIF Mérida, and wife of Renán Barrera Concha, PAN candidate to the Merida Municipal Presidency.

During a visit to the Xcunyá and Tixcuytún municipalities, she stressed that, especially, rural women are a fundamental part of the productive development of the agri-food sector in Mérida, hence Renán Barrera is interested in continuing to support them with more programs aimed at their economic and professional development.

Diana Castillo, wife of the PAN candidate for mayor of Mérida, visits the Xcunyá and Tixcuytún municipalities

“We hear a lot, but sometimes we know very little. What is produced in Mérida and its neighboring municipalities, their products are an example of high-quality work”, she indicated.

“In addition to offering us healthy food, rural women also promote the economic development of Mérida and the rest of Yucatan, because their products not only stay in the municipalities, but also reach the tables of the diners who go to a restaurant, and we are talking about local, regional, national and international visitors that consume their products”, she added.

In that sense, she mentioned that “Circulo 47”, created during the Renán Barrera administration, is a program that has allowed visibility to more than 360 producers from the municipalities, which has guaranteed them to have fair trade.

“Thanks to you, every day more citizens can have access to organic products and local consumption is one of the main axes that the “More Mérida” campaign promotes to reactivate the economy,” she said.

“More Mérida means going for more help for all of you, so that you have more opportunities to continue growing, I want us to continue supporting each other as women and that is why my husband Renán will continue working to have a better city, to have more Mérida”, CAstillo Laviada added.

The head of the DIF Merida asked the women and men of the municipalities to vote for the Renán Barrera project to take firmer steps and continue towards the development of the municipality’s agri-food sector.

“You know Renán, you know that he works for everyone equally, he has been concerned about promoting and supporting women throughout Mérida. It is in their hands that we continue with good governments and with the development of their communities ”, Diana Castillo Laviada concluded.

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