Restrictions for non-essential crossings on the land border between Mexico and the US continue until May 21

The restrictions for non-essential crossings on the land border between Mexico and the United States will continue until at least May 21, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed on Tuesday, April 20th.

“We are guided by scientific and public health data, and we are in talks with Canada and Mexico to ease restrictions as health conditions improve,” the federal agency reported on its Twitter account.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government announced that they will continue for another month with their restrictions for crossings from the United States to Mexico only in the northern states that are at the epidemiological traffic light orange (high risk) or red (maximum risk).

According to the federal epidemic risk traffic light, so far only Chihuahua falls into that category because it is in orange. Baja California and Sonora remain yellow, while Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas remain green.

It should be remembered that, although these restrictions were imposed in March 2020, Mexico lacked the infrastructure to monitor if the reasons for travel were being respected.

Mexico also reported that they are in talks with their US counterparts to relax the restrictions on border crossings based on the spread rates of COVID-19 on both sides of the border.

It was also announced that restrictions on non-essential land crossings across the southern border will continue until May 21.

Source: El Financiero