Renán Barrera wants to position Mérida as the most sustainable city in Mexico

“The work we do from the City Council in coordination with society will be a great opportunity to position Mérida as the most sustainable city in Mexico”, highlighted the PAN candidate for Municipal Presidency, Renán Barrera Concha.

“Caring for the environment is a shared responsibility, something that must be done in support of civil and organized society, as we have done in my two administrations, hence the success of Mérida on its way to becoming a green city”, Renán said.

In that sense, the PAN standard-bearer reported that one of his proposals to consolidate Mérida as the most sustainable city in Mexico is the planting and care of more than 150 thousand trees in the next triennium.

“My commitment is that, in the next three years, the City Council, hand in hand with the citizens, can participate in an arborization program to plant 150 thousand trees and that amount will double thanks to the commitments signed with the state government through the 2050 Agenda, that is to say, we would reach 300 thousand new trees jointly ”, he specified.

He recalled that in his most recent administration at the head of the Commune, the goal of 100,000 trees planted in two years was exceeded.

Barrera Concha explained that to meet the number of trees projected, new programs will be launched and existing ones will be strengthened, such as the Tree Planting Program with the participation of Schools.

“Some of the educational establishments such as elementary schools, secondary schools, high schools, and universities have large areas of land that are not wooded; there we will do reforestation with the aid of students, teachers and parents ”, he said.

“In addition, we will double the capacity of the Tree Squad so that we can reach more spaces and also on the issue of large company parking lots, shopping malls and schools we will manage alliances so that we can tree them for the benefit of the environment”, he added.

The National Action applicant recalled that among his proposals in terms of sustainability is also the second stage of Ya’axtal, the creation of a new Veterinary Hospital and a Canine and Feline Control Center in Mérida, the installation of more Green Points and more incentives for the use of solar energy panels.

“This is part of the actions that we are going to undertake in my next administration, with viable and achievable programs that can benefit the environment, and become a reference in the issue of caring for the ecology in different dimensions,” Barrera Concha continued.

“Today Mérida has programs that have been successful and well received, so it is necessary to give them continuity and reinforce them with the creation of other initiatives in order to become the greenest and most sustainable city in all of Mexico,” he concluded.