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Renan Barrera promotes responsible pet ownership in Merida

by Yucatan Times
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As part of his commitment to continue promoting the protection of companion animals, the PAN candidate for mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha, met this afternoon with two groups that promote the responsible ownership of these animals.

In the Parque de la Alemán, the National Action candidate, in the company of his wife Diana Castillo Laviada, their children Renán and Daniela and their pet “Brisa”, led a “Caminata” and witnessed a small talk about the training of dogs in charge of the trainer, Alejandro Franco.

Barrera Concha pointed out that within his project “Más Mérida” there is also an axis to raise awareness among the population about the importance of protecting all animals and guaranteeing them a quality of life.

“We will continue to fight against animal abuse by expanding sterilization programs, promote adoption, educate pet owners and provide more spaces for them to enjoy,” he said.

More Mérida is protecting those who cannot take care of themselves, more Mérida is continuing to change so that it is the city of everyone, he added.

The president of the Cinco Patas association, Gabriela Romero Solís, said that Renán Barrera has always been a mayor who has been concerned about the issue of companion animals, so she said she hopes that on June 6, he will be the winner of the electoral contest.

“Thank you very much for accepting this invitation, and I want to thank you in a personal way for all the actions you have done in favor of the animals and that I am sure you will continue to promote when you return to the City Council,” Romero Solís stated.

“Also today I make a public recognition for working in synergy with our association. We will surely have more Merida,” he added.

In turn, the representative of the Husky Mérida Club, Luceddy Herrera, also joined the recognitions and asked for more public parks for dogs, because in Mérida there are only two: Peek Park and Tabentha.

In his message, Barrera Concha announced that among his next municipal projects will be the construction of a new veterinary module and continue with the canine and feline sterilization campaigns.

He recalled that in the last two years alone, 28 thousand actions (sterilizations, vaccinations and consultations) have been carried out through different programs, including the Health Brigades.

Likewise, I continue, we will be looking for modifications to regulations so that we have a migration of certain transport systems (buggies) where there are no animals that may be affected “because this is a legislative issue, given that today there is a law that it gives the possibility that buggies exist ”.

What needs to be done is to reform that law so that eventually, with a gradual program, it can be given credits, support and a transition period to the truck drivers so that they can have a different system that allows them to continue with their work without There is no controversy over the issue of companion animals, despite the fact that UADY has a very specific program with veterinary doctors on the health of each of the animals, he added.

From this special family activity, the PAN candidate invited organizations that take care of animals, specialists, and all Meridians, to join together to build more spaces and public policies that guarantee the quality of life of the animals in the municipality.

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