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Pitbull rips two legs off a dog, in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Mérida, Yucatán, (April 13, 2021).- The case of “Lolita”, a pit bull dog who suffered a violent attack by another dog of the same breed, in the Chuburná neighborhood of this city, went viral on social networks. Both of Lolita’s front legs were completely ripped off.

The family had to “put her to sleep” due to the severity of her injuries.

Esther Carrillo related that ‘Lolita’ was walking near the sidewalk on 15-B street, between 18 and 20 in Mérida’s Chuburna neighborhood, when crossing near the house of the neighbor across the street, their dog pulled Lolita’s legs from under the gate . As she could not defend herself, the dog did not let go of her until both of her legs were completely torn off, leaving the dog mutilated and bleeding to death right there on the sidewalk.

The family said that they do not know how Lolita got out of the house, since it was presumably the first time that she ever left.

“My mother could not even approach to say goodbye to Lolita when the vet applied the injection to put her to sleep, we all approached, because she was the dog of the house, part of the family, my mother was in shock”, Esther said in tears.

“Lolita was my mother’s daughter, she slept in her room. She was not an aggressive dog, all the neighbors greeted her when they passed by the house, now my mother is still in shock, she is very sad. Lola didn’t hurt anybody and she died in a tremendously vicious way ”, she said.

The noise alerted and woke up all the neighbors, as the events occurred at dawn. Despite the loud noise, the owners of the other dog did not stop the attack.

When the police arrived at the scene, Mrs. María E.R.C., owner of Lolita, was totally in shock, so she signed a document exonerating the owners of the other dog from guilt.

The family is outraged, not by the action of the dog ‘because they act on instinct’, but by the indifference of the owners, who were so cold before this act.

According to the neighbors, the owners of the animal were able to remove their dog, but they did not, and until the woman signed the pardon, they moved the dog from the front of their house.

Esther is seeking legal advice  so that Lolita’s case does not go unpunished.

Source: Yucatán al instante

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