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On “Law Zaldívar”, PAN legislator asks AMLO to “read the Constitution”

by Yucatan Times
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Mexico City, April 21, 2021 (EL HERALDO).- The PAN coordinator in the Chamber of Representatives, Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to read the Constitution because it is not possible to extend the constitutional mandate of any official through a secondary law.

This was said after Lopez Obrador assured in his morning conference that the judicial reform that extends the term of the Minister-President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) by two years, Arturo Zaldívar, is constitutional.

The legislator asked the President to leave behind the demagoguery and use legal criteria and recalled that until now there is no informed voice in the country that is in favor of the proposal.

“The President does not represent me in this case, I respect him for the presidential investiture, I invite him to read the Constitution, I invite him to a prudential criterion of legality and of his own institutionality and not demagoguery that is what he is presenting at this moment. Nobody, there is not one single informed voice in this country that is in favor of this proposal, there is not a single person, ” he said.

Romero Hicks added that everyone is in favor of a reform of the Judicial Branch because it is an institution that must be consolidated, but he criticized the way in which the majority in San Lázaro intends to do it.

He warned that the fast track with which they want to submit the reform to a plenary vote does not benefit the Supreme Court or the Judiciary.

“They want to ignore the procedures of the seven laws, that does not benefit the Supreme Court, and of course neither the Judicial Power as a whole and this shameful, abominable circumstance that was experienced in the Senate of the Republic on Thursday of last week in the afternoon, where without being part of the ruling, or a prior announcement of the reservation, a transitory is introduced, ” he added.

The parliamentary coordinator maintained that there is no rush for the co-legislator to approve the reform, hence it could be analyzed in an extraordinary period and later in an open parliament, as various sectors have demanded.

“If we are going to reform the Judiciary, let’s do it well and on time, and if we are ready for April 30, we are ready and if we are not ready, an extraordinary period can be called. There is no pretext for not reviewing in-depth and with breadth ”, he reiterated.

The PAN assured that he understands the prudence of Minister Zaldívar not to interfere in the legislative process; However, he considered that due to personal and ethical dignity, he should separate himself from the reform.

“I hope that Minister Zaldívar reconsiders in acts in a prudent, legal, and opportune way, and I hope that he will dissociate himself from all this situation because he is an intelligent, honest, and reasonable President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation,” he said.

Romero Hicks concluded by explaining that they will do everything necessary so that the reform is discussed in open parliament and thoroughly. But this law is already about to pass fast-track and get approved by the Political Coordination Board even with some votes against it from the Opposition.

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