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North America: A potential niche for Yucatecan investors.

by Yucatan Times
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Co-investments between Yucatecan and foreign businesspeople are a phenomenon that favors local industry by integrating production chains, thus generating more development opportunities. – Alberto Berrón.

MERIDA Yucatan (Megamedia) – “I see many positive situations. Multiple co-investments of many local people with people from abroad. I think it is something that is happening naturally, and I see outstanding opportunities in that sense,” said Alberto Berrón Bolio, president of the Export Industry (Index) of Yucatán, in a press release.

Photo: Alberto Berrón. Punto Medio

“Yucatecan businessmen are ready. We have practically six solid sectors: automotive, aeronautics, textiles, jewelry, furniture, and electromechanical, he said. Now what follows is to see which of these six sectors is the one with the highest growth to develop in the next decade”. Berrón said.

The executive considered that the most critical challenges, in addition to successfully emerging from the pandemic, will be the process of integrating Yucatecan people in business with the North American market in the next decade.

“We have to stop thinking as Mexicans and start thinking as members of the northern continent, where we are three countries, to understand what the commercial, industrial and cultural opportunities are and that we can, as a region, grow together. The great challenge of the next decade is the integration of North America,” Berrón said.

Regarding possible investments in the medium and long term, Berrón Bolio anticipated, without giving details, that he knows of four or five new projects or projects in the process of installation in the sector.

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